Message from our key person(SRD limited)

SRDL Chairman

Message from the


SRD Limited is a very dynamic and forward looking company providing innovative solutions in the field of Construction, Consultancy and Engineering Services with various sorts of facilities during last couple of years.

As an Engineering Consultant and Construction company based in Bangladesh SRD LIMITED is continuing expand its local & global network while providing highly value-added construction services in Industrial, Commercial & Residential areas that assist our client in expanding their business operations on global basis through making safe living environment.

From the beginning SRD emphasizes to maintain the quality, cost-effectiveness and time frame to ensure the client’s maximum satisfaction through its experienced professional team. This team isready to do any kind of tough and challenging job
keeping in mind to ensure construction with safety and care. To acquire iconic recognition by the national and global acceptance SRD is committed to provide services and products which define safe living through quality and sustainability.

RD is indebted to its employees for their constant effort that ensures growth, to its customers for their voice-of-satisfaction that encourages and inspires, and to other stakeholders for their confidence that creates the road-to-future.

Sincere Regards,

Shamima S. Shagorika


Message from the

Managing Director

The incredible team of SRD shares a common goal: to bring value to the customers by providing innovative solutions in construction of various types of facilities. When entrepreneurs, factory owners, and other associations in need of construction are looking for an ideal partner, SRD stands ready to exceed their expectations. Since inception in 2017, we have placed a significant priority on the relationships we have developed with our valued customers and our loyal staff. Our approach is smart and simple:

While following the standard set of operating procedures, we deliver what our customers’ needs We grow based on relationship by listening to our customers and delivering customized services.

We possess a sense of ownership, empowerment and accountability in order to ensure that our customers receive the best of us.

Our staff is paramount to our clients’ happiness and ultimate satisfaction. If you are one of our loyal customers, we want to thank you for your commitment to SRD and always welcome your feedback.

In fine, I would like to iterate that four words define SRD’s commitment to the valued clients: Quality, Value, Trust and Integrity.

Sincerest regards,

Md. Mocaddes Hanif
Managing Director