RCC Structure Design and Construction

RCC Structure And Its Advantages

RCC building is one of the most commonly used structural systems. It has many advantages over steel frame structure, so it is no wonder that the RCC structure keeps on growing more and more in popularity.

Two core reasons for the popularity of Reinforced concrete are that it is comparatively more durable than the others, and it is resistant to fire and other climate changes.

As there are plenty of advantages of using RCC over the Still Frame Structure, we will discuss the advantages of RCC buildings in many scenarios in this article and why you should consider using them for your next project.

What is RCC?

The full form of RCC is ‘Reinforced Masonry Concrete.’ Furthermore, this efficient and modern structure architecture is associated with better compression, tension, and shear. RCC has gradually obtained people’s trust, and it has now become the trendiest building construction.

So, what is the meaning of RCC? Reinforced Cement combines ordinary concrete with steel reinforcement to increase its compressive and tensile strength. It is a versatile material for modern construction, used in constructing highways, dams, irrigation canals, drains, and all other conceivable structures.

What is RCC Framed Structure?

In simple words, RCC Framed Structure is a construction technique that uses concrete blocks for the building.

Concrete is an excellent material for constructing strong foundation walls but has insufficient tensile strength. Therefore, when only compressive loads are acting on a concrete foundation, there is no need to use reinforcement. In this case, only the weight of the structure acts upon the foundation. However, where tensile forces are also involved—as in beams and slabs—there is a very high risk of failure when plain concrete is used.

However, as we know, steel has high tensile strength. When these two materials—concrete and steel—are combined, a material of construction is obtained that can withstand all three types of forces likely to act upon a structure: compressive loads, tensile stresses, and shear forces. Such a material is known as reinforced cement concrete (RCC).

The concrete bricks are used for the walls and ceilings of the building. The steel bars are reinforced to strengthen the structure, durable and long-lasting.

The steel structure and RCC structure are two types of building designs that are used in the construction industry. Both the structures are prevalent due to their durability and strength.

The steel structure and RCC structure are two types of building designs that are used in the construction industry. Both the structures are prevalent due to their durability and strength.

Steel Structure Vs. Rcc Structure Cost

However, there are some differences between these two structures. Steel is a strong material that is used in the construction of buildings and other structures. It is a good conductor of heat and electricity.

On the other hand, the RCC structure uses reinforced concrete blocks as its primary material for construction. These blocks are much stronger than regular concrete blocks and can withstand heavy loads as well as external pressures that may damage any other type of building design, such as wood or steel structure.

The steel structure is made up of steel bars that are connected to each other using bolts and screws. This type of structure is extreme and durable, but it also requires more maintenance in order to ensure that the building is safe.

Whereas, The RCC structure design is used for different kinds of buildings, such as residential buildings, commercial buildings, industrial buildings, and many where. It is made up of concrete blocks which are connected to each other using steel bars to make the building strong, durable, and long-lasting.

The steel structure is more flexible than the RCC structure, which makes it ideal for structures that need to withstand strong winds, like a stadium.

Advantage Of RCC Structure

There are hundreds of advantages of reinforced concrete. Nevertheless, here, we will discuss some of the essential advantages of the RCC structure design. 

  • Structures made from reinforced concrete are durable.
  • It has high compressive strength due to concrete. 
  • It has high tensile strength due to reinforcements. 
  • It is resistant to fire and other climate changes. 
  • Easily available almost anywhere in the world.
  • Too much expertise is not required to work on it; normal skilled labor can also do it. 
  • It can be molded in any form or shape. 
  • It can be used in any structure, from the foundation to the top roofing.
  • The repair cost is almost nil.
  • It is more economical compared to other materials.
Advantage of rcc structure

Why Choose Us?

We at SRD are dedicated to working with you to create innovative solutions with the RCC frame structure that meet your needs and budgets. We approach each construction project thoughtfully, always considering the possible benefits of new ideas.

Our firm has designed restaurants, shops, and religious structures with the RCC design frames and has renovated modest urban homes and large commercial spaces.

We have surveyed urban and rural communities’ planning needs on the RCC buildings and helped working people in dense urban settings achieve home ownership. We have helped RCC construction farming communities maintain their way of life while accommodating newcomers seeking to join in the pastoral setting


Here are the standards of the quantity of steel per m3 of concrete:

  • For slab – 78.50kg steel
  • For column -196kg steel
  • For beam -157kg steel
  • For footing – 39kg steel

According to this standard, you can easily calculate the quantity of steel in any RCC Structure.

Yield strength is the point where the material starts to bend or otherwise deform. For safety standards, yield strength is considered the highest capability of RCC structures rather than the ultimate strength.