G+6 Storied RCC Building Retrofitting & Vertical Extension Project Of Pride Group

G+6 Retrofitting Work at Building 2: We started our retrofitting project at Building 2 on 23 October 2018 and handed it over on 09 June 2020. It’s a 5-storied building. In this building, we did Foundation Retrofitting, Grade Beam Retrofitting, Column Retrofitting, and Beam Retrofitting. Each floor area was 22,000 sft. We did all the work […]

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Generator Building Retrofitting Project of Pride Group

Generator Building Retrofitting: We started our retrofitting work at Generator Building on 12 August 2020. In this structure we did Foundation retrofitting, Grade Beam retrofitting, Column retrofitting, and beam retrofitting while production was running. We did all the work on running the floor with proper safety. This was RSC (ACCORD) Based Project. Project Location: Ulail, Savar, Dhaka,

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SRD Saiham Knit Composite ETP

ETP Construction

An effluent treatment plant or ETP is one type of wastewater treatment method that aims to purify industrial wastewater for reuse. It does this by releasing safe water to the environment from the harmful effect caused by the effluent. ETPs are used in industries that produce large amounts of wastewater. They can be found at

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Retrofitting Construction


What is Retrofitting in Construction? And Why Does it Matter? Retrofitting is the process of installing new materials, equipment, or methods after the building has already been completed to improve safety and efficiency. In fact, retrofitting construction is often necessary as part of a larger project that involves adding value to a building or property.



shore piling

Shore Piling:Prevention of Ground Subsidence and Wall Collapse Shore piling is a form of soil stabilization that involves driving steel or concrete piles into the ground to support structures such as buildings and retaining walls. This method of soil stabilization can help prevent ground subsidence and wall collapse due to soil erosion, especially in areas

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